Suspension & Alignment

Your comfort & safety are our priority.

Making sure your car’s steering and suspension system is functioning properly ensures a comfortable drive to work, but your car’s handling is important for safety reasons as well. You may notice when your alignment is off, but sometimes there are little to no warning signs. At Unique Collision, we’ll check your alignment regularly and make any adjustments needed for optimal, safe, ongoing performance.

Suspension/Wheel Alignment Services

If you’ve noticed an unnerving “clanking” sound when turning your steering wheel, there may be an issue with your power steering. If your car pulls to one side, requiring a significant amount of force to turn the wheel, bring it into Unique Collision’s auto repair service to get your alignment checked. Our goal is to treat you right and get you back on the road knowing your vehicle will keep you safe for any Houston driving conditions.

Unique Collision has the equipment needed and the skill behind changing your vehicle’s suspension parts, such as shock absorbers, ball joints, coil springs & more. Uneven tire wear and other alignment problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently by our certified technicians.

Our wheel alignment service includes inspecting your alignment and suspension system, checking the tire condition and air pressure, and adjusting your camber, caster and toe angles to the manufacturer’s specifications. We will road-test the vehicle to ensure proper alignment before getting you back on the road safely.

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More Auto Body Repair Services

Paint & Body Work

When you need paint and body work due to a car crash or minor damage, you’ll want a repair shop who cares about your vehicle just as much as you do. Our paint & body team is readily equipped for minor auto paint jobs and major collision repair services. 

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Bumper Repair

In a collision, the bumper often takes the biggest impact. You’ll want to be sure your bumper is restored in both appearance and structure. Our collision repair experts will analyze the damage done and come up with a solution for restoring the bumper to its original form.

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Aluminum Repair

Repairing aluminum takes the right tools and a skilled team trained to properly perform these repairs. Our certified technicians know just how to weld aluminum to perfection so that you can get back on the road with your vehicle looking as good as new.

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Insurance Claims

At Unique Collision, we work with all the major insurance carriers to ensure a smooth process and experience. You’ll get the most accurate estimate possible – and our certified estimators communicate directly with your insurance company.

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Repair FAQs

Recovering after an accident is going to be stressful, and we understand that you will have a lot of questions along the way. If you’re wanting to know more about our collision repair services, you may find some of the answers from our expert technicians here. 

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